Friday, 24 February 2017

Low Light Hunting Sights vs Normal

Recently our indoor range has been about as bright as the TOWIE cast. I've been struggling to make out my arrows during the Portsmouth round, and even finding it a bit difficult to line up the sight with the target.

Now you may have heard people saying you should line up the circle of the target with the outside of the target, or certainly a ring within int, but I much prefer to put the centre spot right over the centre of the target.

So I eBayed a sight with a fluorescent optic sight and managed to bag an American Hunting sight. I presume originally for compound, but with the right size thread to botch into my old sight.

Low Light Hunting Sights vs Normal
The Lorax Survived...

So to test it...

[goes off to shoot a portsmouth, switching sights halfway through]

Now neither of these are my usual sight. So I messed around for quite a while getting the horizontal alignment sorted.
Here are the results:

                                            Hunting Sight                               Regular Sight

My scores were very similar. 55 an end for the hurting and 54 an end for the normal.
It felt much easier to see the hunting sight, though you don't focus on it directly, the added brightness of it does make it easier to line up, however it changes nothing about the brightness of the target.


So would I recommend one for low light shooting? No not really!

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