Sunday, 12 March 2017

Riverland Targets Zombie Targetface

Bored of shooting at the same old FITA targets?

Going through some kind of "veggie new-age" phase and love animals too much?

Then it's obvious really... you need to be practising for the forthcoming...

Zombie Apolocalypse!

Riverland Targets are giving away some different and fun target faces for you to print out yourself.

There is a bit more of a serious reasoning behind this, which is trying to solve the issue known as "Gold Shyness" or "Target Panic".
If you are suffering from this, then aiming at a target without an obvious central point to fixate on gives you the chance to relax in the shot, concentrate on your form, and work on the shot without the main focus being on getting the arrows to the centre.
Riverland Targets Zombie Targetface
Riverland Targets Zombie Targetface


Did it help my grouping? Nope not at all. It didn't help my form either, but it was great fun having a go at shooting something completely different, and I feel slightly more confident on dealing with any wandering Zombies, just so long as they don't run too fast.

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