Monday, 28 March 2016

Slo-Mo Video: W&W Challenge Arrows on an SF Pro Forged Plus

A friend wanted to have a play around with his new slow motion camera, so took him up to my archery range to get a few shots of me getting used to 40lb limbs again after the winter indoor season.

W&W Challenge Arrows on an SF Pro Forged Plus
Winter DIY Archery Range
It's cold and snowy, and for most of the session I was just trying to align my sights once again with my new Decut Click 120 sight.

What's used:

  • Riser is an SF Pro Forged Plus
  • Arrows are W&W Challenge 700
  • Limbs are 40lb Hoyt FX
  • Decut Click 120 Sight
  • Beiter clicker
  • SF Plunger and Magnetic rest.

Arrow leaving the rest:

This video is slowed down 32 times
It's good to see how the magnetic rest reacts to the arrow leaving. It takes a few milliseconds for the rest to react, but it does tuck away allowing the arrow vanes to pass by freely.
The arrow accelerates away very quickly, much more explosively than you will see from a compound bow.

At some point I will do a comparison at the same speed with a 28lb bow and heavier arrows. This may give some insight into whether a faster arrow clears the riser more quickly and so avoids the vibration and torque of the bow as the string is released.

Vibration and torque upon release:

The bow torques hard to the left, but it only happens after the arrow is well clear. before then however vibration is very visible. It looks like more weight on the long-rod may be needed.

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