Monday, 13 March 2017

Update: Easton XX75 Platinum Plus

Well it's been a cold and very unsatisfactory day today

Following my review of Win and Win (W&W) Challenge Arrows, in which I briefly touched on the XX75s I thought I would give the Easton XX75 Platinum Plus arrows a good few ends in training today with a set of 28lb Samick Limbs as I've been told I need to work on my shoulder placement.

So today was mostly about trying to get comfortable with my form with a slightly different draw incorporating different back muscles so I'm putting more emphasis on contracting the back muscles.

That part of it went fine.

What didn't go fine however... was the arrows.

Behind the boss is a large dirt mound which collects any stray arrows for me. Unfortunately as I was changing my draw around, a good few arrows went wide of the boss and straight into the dirt. This should have been fine, I have this happen hundreds of times with Easton Jazz and Win and Win Challenge arrows without any incident, but it would appear the Easton XX75 Platinum Plus arrows don't hold up to quite as much impact.
Easton XX75 Platinum Plus Arrow Review
Bent Easton XX75 Platinum Plus arrows
Of the 6 arrows I was shooting, three became bent, one I would say irretrievably so. This was within 8 ends of 6 arrows. To say I was surprised was putting it mildly.
Unfortunately these are the only arrows I have at the correct spine for these limbs, so off to the shop I go.


Easton XX75 Platinum Plus are very nice arrows, and very good value for money when compared to other Aluminium arrows. Personally I'd go for the cheaper Win and Win Challenge arrows given the choice!

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