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Decut Click 120 Sight

There is a huge difference in cost between the cheapest sight and the most expensive, and a big sliding scale of how much you can spend on one.
But a sight is a really really basic thing. It literally just gives you a reference point to aim at, and the only two things it needs to do is not move when you don't want it to, and be adjustable.

Honestly I can't understand why they cost nearly as much as they do, but they do, and to make it worse more sights are actually pretty rubbish and won't really do what you want. In fact it is likely that this part of your set-up will annoy you more than anything else.

Rough Sight Price Guide

So for a rough guide to prices and what you get:

 What you get
A simple screw lock to hold
This is a proper rattler of a sight. You will be re-tightening the screws every couple of ends, and occasionally it will just drop down a bit. Lets hope you spot it before you shoot a bird down!
£15 - 40
A double screw lock
A bit better than before, you've got the same rattly problem as before, but this time there are two screws to hold the sight in place. There's not a lot in the price range, and what there is looks quite rubbish.
£40 - 100
Screw locks with dials to adjust
The dials give you the chance to make micro adjustments. An essential feature when you start to fine tune your sight marks. Again, not a lot in this price range
£100 - 200
High end sights, aluminium and rattle resistant
Some excellent sight in here. Sights like the dual click are the mainstay of the recurve world. Many similar ones in this price range. This is probably where the sensible money lies.
Top end sights, light, don't vibrate lose look pretty
If you have the money, go for it, the sight is something that will stay with you as you progress up, so it's a good investment. It's a lot of money for something quite simple however!

The Decut 120 Click Sight comes in at the bottom of the mid range £40-100 sights at around £50 inc p&p. This is the one I thought I'd take a punt at, as how bad can it be, surely it much be comparable to the high end sights, it certainly looks it on-line.
Decut Click 120 Sight
Decut Click 120 Sight Review

What's it like?

Heavy, it's very very heavy. Coming from an aluminium sight, to something that feels like it has been carved from stone is almost breaking my arm. It doesn't look like it's as heavy as it is, it has holes drilled out everywhere to make it lighter, but this definitely hasn't worked.

The mechanism feels solid, so much so that the first one I got from the shop didn't move, so I'm on my second one now. Not a great start!

The adjustments are good. it's easy to fine tune, and the measuring bar is flipped on both sides so you can turn it around for left or right handers. This makes it cheaper for the company, but does mean you can only adjust it from one side. Standing on the shooting line, having to swing the whole bow around when you're stuck between two (probably) angry longbowmen is not easy.

The screws that hold it in place seem like they fit in snugly, but it's a bit of a lie, they don't and after 2 dozen arrows I am having to re-tighten the end sight.
So back at home I put some sure-loc on to keep them tight. Next session it's the same however, the screws are vibrated lose, this time even the screws holding the whole thing to the riser come lose.
Decut Click 120 Sight Dials
Decut Click 120 Sight Dials


I would make this into a positives and negatives list, but so far there are no positives...
It's far too heavy, rattles lose very easily, poor build quality, awkward to adjust on the line and performs worse than your bog-standard £5 club sight.

A note to sight manufacturers:

Here in Britain we have an amazing and ingenious mechanical history. We have invented and advanced most of the worlds mechanical technology, and have some of the best engineering minds in the world.

So why the hell are you still using sodding screws to hold together anything on a bow!!! screws vibrate lose, it's a really really obvious fact that anyone with half a mechanically-minded brain will know.

There are far better ways of securing fitments when vibrations are an issue, they aren't expensive or difficult. Use them!!!

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